For over 30 years The Interfin Companies, LP has been recognized for creating authentic, elegant surroundings of the highest quality for living, working, and hospitality experiences in Houston, Texas and beyond. Based in Houston, Interfin is a diversified real estate corporation. Offering a unique range of projects, Interfin's portfolio is defined by the culture, philosophy and dedication to the highest standards of quality in design, construction and management. Each project represents exquisite design, form and function; every project redefines luxury as only Interfin can achieve. This approach has garnered Interfin an international reputation for excellence in quality, concept, design, and craftsmanship in all phases of development.

Interfin was founded by Giorgio Borlenghi in 1978. Borlenghi's quest has always been to bring his extraordinary vision of old world Italian-inspired design to the US real estate market. Over the years Interfin has received numerous awards and accolades for excellence relating to the development of exclusive and prestigious high-rise office complexes, luxury hotels, high-rise condominiums, upscale shopping centers and custom homes all which are prominent landmarks in the heart of Houston. Each building has a unique elegance and placement amid the most sought after and prominent addresses.

Our vision is to create an architectural expression in a serene and exclusive setting that will become a Houston landmark and set the uppermost standard for high-rise living. We have chosen to plan an extraordinary building in an environment which will allow Houstonians to enjoy a life of comfort, privacy, convenience and beauty, adjacent to the best urban amenities available.

Behind it all, is Interfin's total commitment to quality and integrity and our reputation and experience in creating the most magnificent homes in the sky.

Villa Borghese is a development of The Interfin Companies, The McNair Group and The Hudson Brothers Real Estate Group.

Yes, the time is truly now, for Villa Borghese.

Individuals in the photos (left-right): Giorgio Borlenghi, Rick Birkinshaw, Alex Borlenghi


Rick Birkinshaw

"From the first meeting Mr. Borlenghi inspired the design team by referencing Villa Borghese in Rome. I studied the villa and gardens for cues that could inform a modern high-rise in Houston and as a result the lanterns that top the tower are a nod to the twin aviaries of Borghese Gardens and the sheets of glass running the full height of the tower are reminiscent of the manicured gardens that lay in front of them. It is the job of the design team to transform the practical concerns that shape a modern building into emotive themes. Structure becomes strength, engineering becomes comfort and durability becomes permanence."

Architect: Kirksey Architecture
Civil Engineer: Brown & Gay Engineers
Structural Engineers: Colaco Engineers
Mechanical Engineers: Stantec
Landscape Architects: Clark Condon
General Contractor: Ludlow and Associates