Four high-speed elevators will be divided into two banks of two, with each bank providing access only to one residence.

Owners will have the opportunity to decorate and furnish their own
elevator lobby.

A service lobby at the center of each floor will allow access through a service entrance into each residence, making the use of the service elevator or trash chute convenient yet discreet.

To allow our buyers maximum flexibility decorating their new high-rise homes, residences at Villa Borghese are being sold in "slab" or "to the white" condition. "To the white" means that all the walls and ceilings will be in place, as well as all the electrical and air conditioning systems.

In our "to the white" units, we do not provide any floor or wall finishes, any doors or cabinets nor any plumbing fixtures.

If desired, our buyers will be able to choose from "Finish-Packages" we have selected. Our contractor can then completely finish-out their residence.